North Coast Diving is a diving club nationally recognized by United States Diving, Inc (USD) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). We compete locally, nationally, and even inter-nationally. The team is starting its’ nineteenth season, and we are larger and more advanced than ever. This year we have access to 5 pools, 2 sets of platforms, 2 full size trampolines with overhead spotting belts, new strength training equipment, and many highly qualified and talented coaches. We have all ability levels practicing, ranging from ages 4 to 35 years old.

Our philosophy is to make diving fun while learning. We strive to have each child get the most out of his/her program. The program consists of 5 separate groups that allow everyone to get the attention and practice that s/he needs. The groups are based on ability, attitude, commitment, and age. All five groups are of equal importance, and all are integral parts of North Coast Diving. Whether you want to be able to jump off the high dive or learn to dive like an Olympian, we will help you achieve your personal goals.



NCAA Champion
18 All-Americans
21 Conference Champions

High School

37 Ohio State Championship Medalists
31 All-Americans
41 Varsity Records

US Diving

US Diving: 17 Junior National Qualifiers
5 Senior National Qualifiers
4 Lake Erie Diving Championships


World Championships Finalist
A member of: 4 US National Champions
7 All-Americans


National Team Coach for Uruguay
Pan-American Games Finalist
Atlanta Olympic Games Staff Member


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Head Coach Lewis Fellinger